AgriChlor Chlorine Tablets (100)


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Agrichlor Chlorine Tablets

Agrichlor Chlorine tablets provide excellent disinfection for farm and livestock environments. Furthermore DEFRA have approved these tablets to be effective against foot and mount, swine Vesicular Disease, Newcastle Disease, Avian Influenza Virus, bacteria, mycobacteria, spores and fungi. In addition, AgriChlor tablets also lowers the Ph of drinking water to ensure compatibility with feed acidifiers and gut conditioners.

Further Information

The active ingredient Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC) provides strong resistance against water-borne pathogens such as Salmonella sp. Escherichia Coli, Campylobacter jejuni, Pseudomonas, Clostridium, Aspergillus and Faecal Coliforms.

Water Borne pathogens can lead to many problems in poultry, such as slow growth & poor performance.

Read the AgriChlor official literature here

An alternative to Agrichlor is Aquaclean which is a water sanitiser for cleaning livestock drinking and water systems.


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